The Cause

By 1943 the military and political leaders of the  allied forces who were fighting the Nazis in Europe knew about the Nazi death camps, and the final solution. When Jewish leaders in the United States and Jews who had escaped the camps urged them to bomb the railway lines taking millions of Jews to their deaths, the Western leaders refused to act. The argued that they were too busy defeating Hitler and once that was done they would attend to “humanitarian” requests.

Today the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and other allies are fighting to destroy the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. They are making the same mistake that they made during WWII. They argue that they are too busy defeating Isis to worry about defending the minorities and freeing or ransoming their Yazidi captives who have been raped and enslaved.

As there are no more Jews living in Syria and Iraq (they all left for Israel decades ago) the Islamic State has chosen to persecute the Yazidi. The Yazidi are the indigenous people of northern Iraq and Syria. They have preserved their indigenous monotheistic religion long before the arrival of Christianity and Islam in Mesopotamia. In the past, they lived peacefully among the Jews and Christians of Kurdistan in Ira and Syria. Their religion and theology make no negative mention of the Jews or of Judaism and they trace their origin back to Adam, our common ancestor. Many of them are strong supporters of Israel.

The Islamic State does not recognize them as “people of the book,” that is protected minorities and so has seen fit to massacre Yazidi men, rape and enslave the women and force young male children into their terrorist training camps to become suicide bombers. More than 3,000 Yazidi women are still slaves of Isis even as their tormentors “melt” back into the wider population as did so many Nazis after WWII.

The Canadian government has unanimously voted that what is happening to the Yazidi is genocide. However, they have brought less than one thousand Yazidi refugees to our shores, unlike the 57,000 refugees from the Syrian war whom they brought here with lighting speed. We argue that “genocide” trumps “civil war” and that if we are morally consistent we should bring at least another 5,000 deserving Yazidi to our shores. They are hard working and want to become Canadians. Nor are they a security threat to the wider society.