The Event

A Future for the Yazidi

The Yazidi Rescue Committee invites you to their first event to support the Yazidi minority in Canada and, in Syria and Iraq, where the Canadian Armed Forces are still fighting with other coalition partners for their freedom.


The event, a multimedia, film/concert about a man who saved more Jews from the Holocaust than did Raul Wallenberg, will take place at the Beth Avraham Yosef  Synagogue (the BAYIT - 613 Clark Avenue West, Vaughan, Ontario), on Thursday evening November 28, 2019 at 7 pm.

The Yazidi Rescue Committee is a project of the Canadian Coalition Against Terror (CCAT), an organization that has been on the cutting edge of finding ways and means to take grass roots citizen action against state sponsors of terror such as the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (Isis), as well as others state sponsors such as Iran and their proxies in the middle east.


As the indigenous monotheistic people of northern Iraq, the Yazidi have experienced the full horror of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (Isis). Isis has massacred Yazidi men, raped and enslaved Yazidi women and forced their male children to join Jihadi training camps as potential suicide bombers. 3,000 Yazidi women slaves are still in captivity. Canada has earmarked over 370,000,000 dollars for our military to fight Isis there.


Tickets purchased for the event will allow the purchaser to claim a portion of the ticket as a tax receipt which will be provided the night of the event.


All proceeds from the event will go to support the efforts of the YRC on behalf of the Yazidi.

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