The Yazidi Rescue Committee

Background and Goals

The Yazidi are the most unfairly hated and persecuted people in the middle east. The Islamic State, its formal and informal supporters, have waged a genocidal war against the Yazidi culminating in their attack on the Yazidi homeland in the Sinjar mountains of northern Iraqi Kurdistan during the summer of 2014. At that time the militia of the Kurdish Regional Government were ensconced in the Sinjar. They had disarmed the Yazidi and promised they would defend them from attack by ISIL forces. When ISIL attacked, the KRG retreated en masse.


ISIL have declared a holy way or Jihad against the Yazidi. This has unleashed a war of terror against them. Hundreds of thousands of Yazidis have been forced out of their homes at gunpoint. Those who have survived have fled to refugee camps in and outside of Iraq. Many thousands have been tortured and killed.


Yazidi men who do not convert to Islam have been summarily executed by ISIL terrorists. Their mass graves are being found on a weekly basis. Their women have been raped and converted to Islam at gunpoint. Yazidi women have been enslaved, sold from one ISIL fighter to another, prostituted and forcibly married. Most women have had their male children sent to terrorist training camps where they learn the way of Jihad and suicide bombers.


Canada has been part of the Coalition forces fighting ISIL in Syria and Iraq for more than a decade. They have done nothing to protect the Yazidi in their homeland in northern Iraq or, in the refugee camps where the majority non-Yazidi Muslim occupants still sympathize with ISIL and, who often threaten and persecute Yazidi.


Canada has earmarked just under 400 million dollars to the Canadian Forces to fight ISIL in the next eighteen months but have and continue to do nothing to protect the Yazidi in their indigenous homeland  in northern Iraq, the Sinjar mountains. During the last year, Canada has brought 1000 Yazidi victims of ISIL to Canada. Most of them are women with children. Most of their brothers and husbands have been killed. Only a few survive. It is largely a migration of widows and orphans. The Yazidi Rescue Committee has been working with them to help.


The goals of the YRC are:


  1. To provide a web site that will act as a central clearing house for information about the Yazidi in Canada, abroad and in their homeland

  2. To use that website to coordinate and inform the Yazidi and their supporters as to which organization is to what on their behalf

  3. To lobby the government to protect the Yazidi in their indigenous homeland

  4. To lobby the government to reunite the Yazidi who are here with their surviving families in the refugee camps of Iraq and the middle east

  5. To help them stand on their own in Canadian society despite the many challenges that they face


the YRC will be converting this event web site into a permanent site to provide up to date information on the Yazidi, how we can help them and how they can be helped to help themselves. If you would like to join the mailing list or volunteer in some capacity with the YRC please send your name, telephone number and email address to us on our Contact page.